CEO 789Bet – Breakthroughs to become a reputable bookmaker

Nguyen Vy – CEO 789Bet has succeeded in building Asia’s leading bookmaker. To achieve current achievements, the strategic planning ability and leadership potential of female CEOs cannot be denied. To better understand the journey to building Asia’s leading brand, readers should explore the content shared by the  789Bet team below.

Introducing 789Bet CEO

Name: Nguyen Vy.  

Date of birth: May 1, 1990.  

Phone number: 0989668668.  

Location: District 9, Thu Duc City.  

Education level: Master of Economics, University of Economics, City. Ho Chi Minh.  

Contact email: [email protected].

Since childhood, Nguyen Vy has had a passion for business and always wanted to establish her own company. While studying at University, she often entertained herself by participating in online games. Over a long period of time, she realized she loved this field and began to spend more time researching it.


CEO 789Bet – The path to creating the 789Bet brand

Nguyen Vy – CEO 789Bet, has had a remarkable journey in branding. After graduating from Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics. Ho Chi Minh, she surpassed many excellent candidates to become CEO of 789Bet. With a solid educational background and a spirit of continuous learning, she quickly brought outstanding revenue to 789Bet. So how does a female CEO conquer the Asian market? What achievements has Nguyen Vy achieved? Dear readers, please look forward to it.

Develop an effective plan to conquer the market

789Bet female CEO, Nguyen Vy, shared that user experience is an extremely important factor in the online betting product business. Therefore, she planned to provide quality and professional entertainment games. This plan includes regularly launching new games, continuously upgrading every aspect from graphics to sound, to bring customers exciting entertainment experiences.


Nguyen Vy is not just a leader who sets out plans and strategies. She also demonstrated the ability to view problems in a multi-dimensional and objective manner. In addition to focusing on building business strategies, the female CEO also proactively builds a strong and united human resources team. It is this collective strength that has contributed to helping her plans succeed beyond expectations.

Outstanding career of female CEO 789Bet Nguyen Vy

With constant dedication and passion in the field of online games, female CEO Nguyen Vy has quickly achieved many impressive achievements.

She has succeeded in attracting a large number of potential customers to experience the betting brand’s entertainment services. The number of new member accounts increased dramatically, and homepage visits reached millions every day. These achievements have contributed to increasing 789Bet’s revenue, reaching an unprecedented record level in the Asian market.

789Bet brand development orientation of CEO Nguyen Vy

Not resting on success, 789Bet CEO Nguyen Vy has given some brand development directions in 2024 with higher goals.

  • Update market trends, thoroughly research competitors and expand online game product portfolio.
  • Ready to renew cooperation with leading game publishers.
  • Encourage players through attractive incentive programs.
  • Ensuring customer rights, creating a professional and safe betting environment.


Reasons why you should choose 789Bet

  • There is a wide range of betting games offered by 789Bet, meeting the diverse needs of players. This bookmaker offers sports betting, online casino, lotteries, lottery and many more games.
  • 789Bet’s interface is beautifully designed and easy to use, reflecting a modern style. With eye-catching colors and reasonable layout, this theme provides the best user experience.
  • 789Bet provides quick and convenient deposit and withdrawal methods. Players can choose from many deposit methods such as bank accounts, e-wallets and phone scratch cards, helping to optimize their trading process.

In the fierce competition of the online betting market in Vietnam, 789Bet CEO constantly promotes leadership capacity and creativity to bring this brand to new heights. With talent and unwavering commitment, CEO 789Bet has successfully built a leading entertainment destination across Asia. At the same time, this also ensures that customers experience 789Bet’s services with absolute trust and peace of mind.

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