Okvip Builds a Charity House – Helps Cụ Bà 70 Tuổi Bị Tai Biến

Recently, Okvip built a charity house to help the difficult situation of a 70-year-old woman who suffered a stroke. The touching story about the old lady has been spreading over time and has received deep attention and sharing from the community. 

Okvip – Volunteering for the Community

Okvip volunteering

Okvip is a large corporation in the field of online entertainment and has a huge number of players. Not only does it diligently build quality content to help customers relax, the group always has charitable activities to help the community. Okvip has helped many difficult situations, with practical activities such as: building a house for a cụ bà 70 tuổi bị tai biến, sharing meals with 0 VND, donating books and scholarships to students…

Okvip – a journey to spread love to an elderly lady who suffered a stroke

The story of a cụ bà 70 tuổi bị tai biến and living in difficult circumstances has made Okvip always ponder and think. With a compassionate heart, Okvip shared her love through building a charity house, helping her have a better place to rest every day. 

The difficult situation of a 70-year-old woman

The 70-year-old woman who suffered a stroke in the above story is Ms. Huynh Muoi. According to her story, her parents used to work as noodle sellers. Life as a child was not as difficult as it is now. At that time, she and her sister were taken care of by their parents, so they were very good. 

But after her unlucky parents passed away early, everything became difficult. She had a stroke and had only her sister to support her. Her sister also had unstable health, so both sisters were sick all the time. Even when she was sick, she had to act as the main breadwinner in the family for her. 

Image of cụ bà 70 tuổi bị tai biến

Due to difficulties and illness, she could not find a good job. Every day she could only pick up scraps and bottles to make a living. She has an old bicycle that has been with her for many years, and her feet are swollen and painful from moving so much, but Ms. Muoi still tries every day. Until she became paralyzed in old age, she had pain all over her body due to bone and joint disease.

Because life is so difficult and there are no children or grandchildren to take care of, Mrs. Muoi often feels extremely unhappy. The anxiety in her spirit was etched on her face with clearly visible wrinkles, enough to show how insecure she was. 

Listening to her confide, Okvip’s employees couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. At her age, she should have rested and been taken care of, but the 70-year-old woman still has to make a living in a collapsed house, worrying every stormy season.

Okvip spreads love – builds charity houses

When he witnessed Mrs. Muoi living in a dilapidated house and having to make a living by collecting scraps and bottles, Okvip decided to support her with the gift of a meaningful charity house. The group hopes that with the small house as her new home, she can rest after a long and tiring day. 

For her, the charity house is both a place to “protect from the sun and rain” and a precious spiritual gift to show that society still cares and loves disadvantaged people like her. From now on, Mrs. Muoi and her sisters can sleep better and feel more secure on days of heavy rain and wind. This is also what everyone wants to help her with. 

Meaningful humane action

Meaningful action of Okvip

For Okvip Group, helping Mrs. Muoi and her sisters is truly a meaningful action and needs to be continued. During the years of charity work, the group witnessed many difficult situations, including the situation of this old woman.

The Group hopes to be able to contribute a little of its effort to help her as well as many people with poorer fates. This is a meaningful humanitarian action, helping the community recognize and practice caring and sharing with unfortunate lives. With the hope that every individual in society can improve their lives, Okvip always strives to practice love through action, and spread the story to the wider community.

Okvip’s volunteer activities are carried out by the compassion, sincerity, and enthusiasm of the employees. In addition, the group also cooperates with charity organizations to help not only one but many lives become brighter through the storm. This is a very valuable behavior in today’s society.

Through the story of helping to build a charity house for cụ bà 70 tuổi bị tai biến, Okvip once again hopes that the community will pay more attention to difficult situations. Society needs to bond and spread love, so that everyone can be cared for and cared for, improving their lives every day.

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