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Unique card games, attracting players


Quality Jun88 betting website with a high-class card game store. Regardless of whether you like to play easy or difficult card games, you can find them on this betting portal. The house interface is easy to use, players just need to visit the trang chủ Jun88 and then go to the game bài Jun88 section to explore the games. We invite you to immediately see the following great reasons that help this house always attract attention:

  • The betting portal has a very diverse card game store, many games, many game genres from easy to difficult.
  • The interface when playing cards is very friendly, easy to use on both computers and phones.
  • Fast transactions for any member.
  • The house shares many articles on how to play good card games for bettors
  • The house pays reputable rewards, you can bet with peace of mind
  • Play games securely and have an absolute commitment to user security

The best game bài Jun88 players should enjoy 

As a website with many good card games, this house is always confident in providing an attractive betting space for you to relax. If I were to suggest, all the games are good and have a lot to choose from. However, there are some most outstanding games that you should experience so you won’t regret it.


Baccarat is the hottest on Jun88 and is a simple game, the rules of the game are 9 points as the standard point to determine winning or losing. Each participant is given cards and points are calculated (you can count the points right away or pick 1 more card). 

With the cards in hand, the score is calculated with the convention of 10 cards and 3 cards J, Q, K as 0 points; Card A is 1 point and cards 2 to 9 have corresponding points. With each Baccarat game, players will become familiar with terms such as Player, Banker, Natural, Perfect Fair, Player fair,…



Blackjack or Blackjack games have slightly more difficult rules than Baccarat but are basically the same. In this card game, participants will need to reach a maximum score of 21 if they want to win the fastest. 

Like Baccarat, Blackjack has rules for drawing cards so players and the dealer can increase their scores. However, if you have the ability to observe and calculate, you will be able to make wise decisions, it is not necessary to pick cards in every situation. 


The card game Jun88 Poker is a mind-bending game that is always dramatic and full of suspense. Any round in Poker is worth watching and participating in. This game is good and chosen by many people, even famous stars like to conquer themselves with this top card game. 

Poker has many different versions, and each version brings many interesting things. Nowadays, this game is often a movie inspiration, and every year there are a series of tournaments for good players.

Move to the South

If you skip Tien Len Mien Nam in today’s list, many of you will certainly regret it. This game is a familiar game to Vietnamese bettors and is a game with not too complicated rules, but not easy so it is not boring. 

In each game, you will also need to battle your wits to be the winner. Instead of only dealing a few cards like Baccarat or Blackjack, Tien Len Mien Nam is a game where as soon as you enter you are dealt up to 13 cards. The task when participating is that the bettor must make sure to run out of cards quickly to win the most bets.

Mau Binh

Mau Binh

Mau Binh is a hot card game with very special rules. This game allows participants to receive 13 cards (similar to Tien Len Mien Nam) but you do not need to play all the cards but must arrange the cards into different suits (3 suits). After that, the players will compare the points according to each hand and if either side wins, there is no need to compare cards and you will win. If there is no clear win, the side with the stronger hand will receive the prize. 

Game bài Jun88 is very hot and is an attractive game for gamblers to enjoy every day. If you have an account, go to the trang chủ Jun88 and log in, there is a hot card game promotion, remember to join now! Many games are open with diverse bet levels, which will definitely help you relax well.

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